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4th April 2012

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I feel pretty today.

I feel pretty today.

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27th January 2012

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Same shirt, different night. No makeup, no hair did.

Same shirt, different night. No makeup, no hair did.

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2nd January 2012

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Lonely, alone, lone ranger…Either way its a crap feeling.

And frankly I stand alone everyday. I try to explain my feelings and everyone gives me vacant stares, “mhmms” and the crappy line of “just wait.”

I don’t think they’re 21 and a virgin. That really isn’t whats bothering me. It’s I’m 21 and I’ve never been asked out. No ones taken me out on a date, or even given me their number or asked for mine.

I lied about the number, I’ve had guys who think they’re gangster fuck-heads ask for my number but I’m sorry, speak English language in some manner and I may pay attention.

I love videogames, movies, books, the internet, sports.

I love food and thats a problem. Because I know I’m not society’s standard in pretty or thin, good god I weigh a fuckton (not a real measurement of weight). I’m told to have high standards… but really, I don’t reject people I’ve only done it twice when two black guys who thing gangsta-speak is sexy asked for my number. I just don’t find it attractive (but thats for another rant and no its not racist, I find plenty of black guys exceptionally attractive: get over yourselves sticklers).


I was complaining about me but I really don’t think theres anything wrong with me (like crazy or some shit) so what do I do to get males to apparently see that I exist?

WHY is it so fucking hard for people to understand I feel like shit and that is a reasonable feeling.

Its easy to find love online but in person not a fucking soul.

fuck. me.

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